SEO and User Experience - Best Frenemies

Relationships can change over time, turning once rivals into close allies. This is the story of Search Engine Optimization and User Experience (UX) - two closely related fields that, until recently, have been pitted against one another in the arena of digital marketing. In the wake of Google algorithm updates focused on the user, it is more important than ever before to consider the intersections of these two disciplines and how they can work together to create a web experience that is not only good for Google, but is excellent for the user.

In this webinar, we discuss why User Experience and Search Engine Optimization aren't as disparate as they are often thought to be, as well as User Experience best practices that will not only boost your SEO but create loyal and satisfied users.

We cover:

  • The growth of the intersection between SEO and UX
  • Building personas and defining your users
  • Rethinking website content with a solutions-oriented mindset
  • Why site accessibility is good UX and good SEO
  • Metrics to measure user engagement and satisfaction

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